Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Celebrate the small stuff

As you may by now have realised I have a tendency to aim high. I'm a recovering perfectionist and over-achiever.

Once upon a time I would have thought that anything short of going viral equated my blog to failure. But that would be so, so wrong.

Firstly - I'm learning A LOT. 5 lessons from my first week in blogging talks about what I learned in my first and I'm continuing to learn everyday - winning.

This week, I did a collaboration with Working Mum Karla regarding anxiety. You can find her article about my anxiety on her webpage, and I'll be posting mine with Karla in an upcoming post. This is something I'm really proud of - anxiety can be overwhelming and isolating and it happens to strong people. Let's bring it out of the darkness.

I was also nominated by 200 Saturdays until Paris for the versatile blogger award. Be sure to stop by her blog and take a look around, I think we are kindred spirits so if you like my blog, I think you will like hers too. I feel honoured to be nominated because there are some fabulous blogs out there. Stay tuned to my blog because I'll be nominating some of those fabulous blogs next week.

Finally, I'm having so much fun with this blog. It definitely hasn't gone viral, it definitely hasn't taken the world by storm, but its honest and its fun and I'm proud of myself for putting myself out there. I love the saying "feel the fear, then do it anyway". I felt the fear, I did it anyway and now I'm reaping the rewards.

Celebrate the small stuff, it feels good.


  1. Happy dance! You should be celebrating - your blog is honest, fun and so relatable! I am happy to have found it! Woo-hoo! Lucky me!

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