Monday, 29 August 2016

Innovation comes from desperation

Innovation comes from desperation

I love that saying. I mentioned it to someone at work and she fell in love with it to. It’s thought provoking.
The more I thought about it, the more I realised its exactly why I started this blog.
I know that by all appearances I have it all. I’m healthy, I have a lovely supportive husband, two delightful and beautiful children and a job that I quite like. By a job that I quite like, I mean I love the people that I work with and I feel that the work I do makes the world a better place, even though sometimes its a difficult and thankless job.
I have all the things that matter to me so why aren’t I walking on little rays of sunshine?
Here’s the answer – none of those things are all about me. I love my kids, but they are at an age where I keep giving. I love my husband, but it feels like having a conversation that isn’t shouted over the top of kids just doesn’t happen all that often (we are working on that). My job is pretty good is far as jobs go, but its definitely not all about me and the weekly pay is sucked up by living expenses. 
I reached desperation point. 
I decided that I had to do something for myself. I love to write. I tried to write a book – I did NANOWRIMO last year and scraped in the 50,000 words (look it up – you write a 50,000 word novel in a month, quantity over quality) but haven’t even read the manuscript I wrote. Big projects aren’t working for me right now.
Writing this blog gives me the chance to give something back to myself. It doesn’t feel like hard work to me, because I’m loving it. I love writing, I love talking about better ways to live, I love researching all things related to living better and I love the marketing side of getting my blog out there. 
A few years ago I finished my Masters in Business Administration, which I really enjoyed (sad I know), but its not something that I use in my day job. Doing this blog  gives me the chance to play around with marketing strategies in social media – something I’ve never done before and I feel great. Sometimes it overwhelms me, but I just dust myself off, adjust my perspective and remember that this is all about me and if this blog goes nowhere that’s ok, its all about fun.
Coincidentally, I've got more energy at the moment than I've had for a long time - even though I get less sleep. Perhaps there's something to the old mantra of filling up your own cup?
I’ve had so much fun with this blog that I’m getting serious. I’ve ordered a domain name and the Busy Bee will be undergoing a transformation. I’ve spent the money now so I’ll be sticking with the blog and you’ll be seeing more of me (although things may be quiet whilst I prepare to launch).
So I am living proof that desperation begets innovation. Add it to your list of favourite sayings too. 
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  1. Doing something for yourself is so important! We often forget that, or just have nothing left by the time we finish what everyone else needs from us.

    1. Thanks Julie - It's taken me a long time to learn that, but I think I'm finally getting there!